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September 25, 2023

Rashmin Savani, MBChB, Head of Scientific Advisory Board, Azome Therapeutics,

spoke on the critical role of RHAMM in inflammasome activation at the 89th Harden Conference and 12th International Proteoglycans Conference held September 4-7 in Surrey, England.  


Dr. Savani’s presentation reviewed multiple infectious and non-infectious models where RHAMM (Receptor for Hyaluronan-Mediated Motility) plays a critical role in the inflammatory process leading to disease and included highlights from the company’s preclinical research.  During the conference, Dr. Savani also chaired the “Translational Advances” session.

June 8, 2023

Rashmin Savani, MBChB, Head of Scientific Advisory Board, Azome Therapeutics, presented results of preclinical research supporting the company’s RHAMM (Receptor for Hyaluronan-Mediated Motility) antagonist technology platform at the 14th conference of the International Society for Hyaluronan Sciences held this week in Portland, Oregon.

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